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Individual development, growth and improved performance.

Business coaching is an interactive process that is designed to help individuals to develop rapidly. It is, in the main, business related and focuses on improved performance or behaviour. It is a goal-orientated form of personal tailored development for busy executives, managers and team leaders.

The essential feature of business coaching are that it is a short-term, time limited, goal specific, action orientated, personally tailored approach to learning that utilises a strong element of feedback and offers some objectivity.

Why use a Business Coach?

What motivates employers to commission executive coaching? The following offers 5 main reasons:

  • To support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a more senior or different role.
  • To accelerate the personal development of individuals defined as ‘high potential’ or individuals from a group identified for affirmative action.
  • To underpin the effective implementation of organisational change through supporting the individual or team.
  • As a critical friend or independent sounding board to a senior individual.
  • To support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes, such as 360-degree appraisal or development centres.

The reasons for the phenomenal growth in the use of business coaching by organisations may include:

  1. Isolated senior managers may welcome the support and challenge from someone external to the organisation or immediate work environment.
  2. The increasing demand by many organisations for senior personnel to acquire ‘soft skills’.
  3. Some senior managers feel that being seen to undergo some form of development programme may be perceived by others as a form of weakness. The nature of business coaching relationship is private and avoids public scrutiny.
  4. Attendance on whole-day courses or regular learning programmes can seem an imposition into an already busy schedule. Sessions with business coaches can be fitted around other diary commitments.

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