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Cultural Advantage

Global Marketplace & the Cultural Advantage.

Certified Associate The world of today is smaller than just 20 years ago. People have greater freedom to live and work in other countries. More organizations are classed as 'multi-National Companies' operating in a global market place. Those organizations and people who recognize the advantages that 'cultural differences can bring to an organisation's or team's culture represents its unique characteristics including recognizable behaviours as well as underlying norms, values and beliefs. For example, in some cultures it is felt that in order to avoid misunderstanding, communication should be direct and to-the-point. This can sometimes be seen as aggressive. In contrast, some cultures use more indirect forms of communication; their belief is that preserving harmonious relationships are important. This could equally be misinterpreted as lacking in self-confidence and assertiveness.

Whether you are a manager working internationally or within a national team, you cannot ignore these cultural elements in communication. Culture has an impact on every facet of human activity whether our approach to time, how we think, organize ourselves, relate to power etc.

The Model-of-Freedom® contains four dimensions in which all national and organizational cultures can be categorized. The value of the model lies not in the categorization itself but how it allows us to visualize the differences between cultures.

These cultural dimensions are shown on the Model-of-Freedom® in a way that enables people to readily appreciate the cultural orientations existing in groups and then how to work constructively with these differences.

For more information on Model-of-Freedom®, please click here.

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