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Team Development

Enhance effective teamwork within your organisation.

What is Team Development?

There are many opinions as to what constitutes an effective team - a clear sense of purpose, a good team spirit, a balanced mix of personalities - the list is wide and varied.

An effective team may comprise different personalities with different sets of skills and behaviours but this need not be the case. Both homogenous teams (teams populated with similar types of people) and heterogeneous teams (teams with a mixture of behavioural styles) can be equally effective, depending on the purpose of the team.

Whatever the balance of the individuals that form the team, a successful team will need to adapt and adjust to provide a balance of qualities which at first may appear mutually exclusive. The team will need to combine a disciplined approach to the task with an ability to deal appropriately with people's feelings. They will need to balance a strong vision with clear roles and responsibilities.

With knowledge becoming increasingly available about how we interact, it has become clear that team members need to work together more effectively in order to accomplish the overall objectives of their organisations. For teams to be cross-functional in nature, the individual members need to be certain of their roles. Inspire helps team members define their roles, understand their preferred competencies and strengthen their team in its own unique way.

A team that works well does not happen by chance. People concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams need first to understand themselves and how they function best in a group setting. By analysing the individual preferences of the team members, the team can discover and deal with potential areas of strength and weakness. Inspire can help determine the fit between the individual and a given task allowing for additional variables such as personal motivation, interests and needs.

The Inspire model enhances effective teamwork by:

  • Improving overall communication within the team.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in individuals and teams.
  • Matching specific tasks with certain personality types.
  • Building an effective framework for dealing with conflict.
  • Helping individuals to understand how differing perceptions can lead to more effective problem solving.
  • Predict potential challenges.
  • Helping team members to value and engage the strengths of others
  • Helping team members to support others within the team.

Inspire workshops are both interactive, participative and above all an enjoyable experience, where participants work together in a non-threatening environment. This feeling of 'belonging' to the team stimulates people to be more open and frank with each other, expressing constructive views for the benefit of the team without fear.

If you would like to obtain further information on Team Development, please refer to our contact form.

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