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» Model of Freedom®

Model of Freedom The Model of Freedom is a culture model that serves many international companies to take full advantage of the cultural differences in their global teams.

· Cultural Profiling Tool.

An individual’s identity is influenced by the culture he or she grew up in and lives in. Our Culture Model explains why people act, perceive, and interpret as they do. In this model we draw profiles of individuals’ cultural identity. From the comparison of the different profiles we can draw conclusions about their similarities and differences in management styles.

Insights Learning & Development Ltd » Insights Learning & Development Ltd.

An international organisation, based in Dundee, Scotland, Insights offers a wide range of innovative, engaging and colourful tools and services which can be blended together to help its clients achieve their people potential goals.

At the heart of their work is the Insights Discovery model, a system which provides a common language for effective interaction and organisational growth.

Inspire is an accredited Associate practitioner of the Insights Discovery system, offering the full range of Insights materials and services in support of our clients' development; the springboard to which is the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. This comprehensive document comprises 4 different chapters, namely:

- Foundation
- Management
- Effective Selling
- Personal Achievement

All of these chapters are available in 25 languages

· The Insights Discovery Profile

Terms & Conditions for receiving an Insights Discovery Profile:
If you would like to receive your personal Insights Discovery Profile please click the link situated above where you will first be guided through a simple payment process. The Insights Discovery Foundation Profile costs £90.00 + VAT, which can be paid via Pay Pal. Your Profile will be sent to you in PDF format.

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